Little Waltham Cricket Club 2nd XI squad

2nd XI 2nd XI

Captain : Colm Coyle

Colm is the King of the air guitar, skipping rope and the doosra. He likes to hit the ball (hard) when batting and is the chairman of Waltham's band of intrepid tourists. He is also really good at smoking. He holds the world record for most hula hoops in a row (4). Favourite fruit is apples...

Vice Captain : Sohail Termezi

The longest serving overseas player in T.Rippon history.
Gary Bellamy
New player signed by Dave Parry. Former Woofs & Orient favourite and manager of Chelmsford City. Looks to be a very good addition to Walth for 2012.
GRAHAM Boutilier
Boo is a club legend having been a destructive player for many a year. His matches are more limited nowadays but still shows his destructive batting when he does play.
James Clark
Hit a really big six over at Ecko in 2008 and showed lots of potential in his innings. Then claimed it was bigger than Colm's six in same match. Showed lots of naivety in that statement. Will be hoping for big things in 2009.
David Coyle
Dave is possibly the most annoying human being that Gurn's had met before Farmer Boy, although this is yet to be confirmed. Dave is the worst General Naanedge player in the world and he once got caught at leg slip by a girl. On Tuesdays, Dave will only eat purple skittles. Looks like Susan Boyle and Harry Potter's love child. Never buys jugs
Chris Davidson
Can't run.

Can't catch.

Can't throw.

Can't bowl.

Can't bat.

Incredibly Enthusiastic

Neil Davidson
Neil is a fool, although he has the talent and ability to succeed, should his head be in the right place. At the moment it is sat atop his shoulders. Neil likes banter!
Tim Ellis
Loves rice.
Dan Fell
Dan is Mr. Average! Actually he's a bit better than that but his primary concern is preserving his batting average with plenty of not outs! An unfeared 2nd change bowler as well, all he needs to work on now is his fielding which is how you say.............above average!
LLOYD Hariram
Lloyd is the club professional in every sense, other than getting paid to play! A very pretty and technically correct batsman, he should score 100s every week but doesn't! Lloyd has developed his bowling in recent years so he can now open the batting and bowling and get better value from his match fee!
Pat Howeson
Tap is really long! And he likes long-sleeved football shirts!
Dave Jeffrey
Another club legend. From the old school when it comes to batting and never gives his wicket away. A more than useful slow left arm spinner and always gives valuable advice in the field.
Martin Jubb
All-rounder who is looking to get back in to cricket after a few seasons off.
Richard Murrison
Richard is a classy bat and a great pair of gloves. He loves to go down on the bush.
Dave Parry
He's very unfit
Evertonians are born not manufactured We do not choose we are chosen. Those who understand need no explanation. Those who do not understand do not matter.
Once Everton has touched you nothing else matters
Once a Blue always a Blue

Matt Ruffell
From the village, enough said.
Joel Sample
Guts is a mainstay of the queue at the local Subway, often in the pursuit of extra beef! As a cricketer, he (says he) bats, bowls, fields and is willing to impart his knowledge to the colts section of the club (Lucky them)! Joel has more friends on facebook than there are blades of grass on the outfield.
Ian Taylor
Tilly has the biggest hands in the world, and sometimes finds small children hiding between his fingers! A classy opening bat with a penchant for getting big round numbers, he is also guaranteed to score at least one ton a season, something he has done every year since World War II! Tilly does more for the club than anyone else!
Mark Watson
Mark was the finest little treasure the club has ever seen, what a superstar! Mr Competitive and the club's caged tiger. "We're here to win, not make friends lads."
Adam Williams
Adam is a student of the game! His left arm bowling offers variation to the team, although he sometimes grumbles about nothing in particular. He also has the capability of scoring valuable late order runs AND his Dad is a world class umpire!!
Mike Williams
Opening bowler who hates being hit for runs and loves a maiden over as much as a wicket. Former first team captain and official presenter off all Punky Cups.
Robert Young
Youngy is the second team's specialist point fielder, with the finest pair of hands in the kingdom of Waltham! An expert scorer and general statto, he often gets so bored with life that he writes exams for himself and his mates to sit in their spare time!
Rob's batting style is "calypso", the down on one knee shot a speciality!
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